12 Coolest Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces


I’m sure you’ve been through that unpleasant situation when you have to buy furniture for your extremely small living room. That’s not the easiest thing in the world, and I experienced it myself many times.

As there’s a lot to say about this topic, today I will stop at finding the right seating and I will try to help you understand which are the best 12 living room chairs for small spaces. It’s true that you have many choices, but I have some personal favorites that I would like to recommend you.

So, these being said, let’s begin our search! 🙂

Coolest 12 Living Room Chairs For Small Spaces



They may not be our favorites when it comes to living room (I include myself here too :P), but folding stools remain one the most comfortable options for a small space. They’re practical, not very large and they manage to save a lot of space in any room.

The biggest downside is that they’re probably not the most good-looking pieces you can get. And if you want to decorate your living room in an elegant way, you will most likely want to skip folding chairs.

But the good news is that folding stools are more and more popular among all categories of people, so the companies started producing different pieces when it comes to fabric and pattern.

This means that you can now find all kinds of folding chairs, including more elegant ones. But I would rather show you some clear examples. 🙂

My #1 favorite: Bare Decor Mosaic Folding Stool in Solid Teak Wood

I absolutely love this gorgeous piece from Bare Decor! It is the best option for any kind of small living room, whether it has a regular style or it is decorated in a very elegant way. The wooden fabric and the good-looking design make it suit any kind of decor, so you shouldn’t worry about this.

It has a really light weight and can be carried anywhere easily, so you can use it in multiple occasions, not just as a living room furniture piece (even outdoors). Besides, the wooden fabric is weather resistant, which mean that you it’s also created for a different use.

So a 2-in-1 living room and outdoors folding stool sounds too good to be true, right? Well, luckily for us, it really is true. Therefore, if this Bare Decor chair or the other 4 folding stools look interesting to you, I really advise you to take a look at them. You never know when you’ll find exactly what you need. 🙂



For those of us who prefer to lay comfortable and relax in the living room, armchairs will always be the best choice. And luckily enough, there are enough armchairs created specially for smaller rooms.

It’s true that these tend to be a bit smaller themselves and probably not so comfortable as the regular ones, but they are definitely far more soft and relaxing than a folding stool or a Rustic chair, so I guess they’re worth it.

You can always choose a smaller armchair for your living room, even if it’s not as spacious as it should be. Maybe the only downside is that you’ll have to stick to essentials and don’t get more than 2 pieces, simply because you won’t have enough space. But even so, that is totally fine for many people, and I’m sure it wouldn’t bother you either, right? 🙂

Here are a few examples of smaller armchairs.

My #1 favorite: Lucas Brown Leather Recliner Club Chair

This small armchair is the perfect match for a narrow living room, where you want to feel comfortable and “at home”.

Its fabric has a pretty good quality so it will always feel extremely soft and relaxing, no matter if you’ve had it for 1 week or 2 year. It’s one of the furniture pieces that I can praise for their durability.

The price I found seems more than great, especially if you know that armchairs and recliners tend to cost at least $200-$300.

And if we consider that smaller ones usually cost even more (that’s because the dimensions are much lower, so this makes them harder to find), then this Lucas armchair is actually a great deal.



Accent chairs are probably considered the most beautiful kind of chairs you could add in a living room, thanks to their bright colors and unique design, that have the purpose to become the focal point of the room.

On the other hand, mini accent chairs are just like the regular accent chairs, but they have smaller dimensions. This makes them more suitable for a living room with less space, as they don’t take so much room.

Besides, mini accent chairs could immediately transform a boring room into a fresh one, full of life and energy. All these, just by placing a small accent chair in one part of the room. I guess it’s worth it, isn’t it? 🙂

Anyway, let me show you some mini accent chairs that would look great in a small living room.

My #1 favorite: Coaster 460407 Floral Barrel Back Accent Chair

Accent chairs are probably one of the furniture pieces that I love most! They always bring in energy and brightness in any room they’re placed, so you can imagine that I will never skip accent chairs when decorating a living room.

This beautiful piece from Coaster is the classic type of an accent chair, but it actually comes in a smaller size, which make it absolutely perfect for a living room that isn’t very spacious.

The floral fabric immediately draws the attention, making a regular room look modern and very fresh.

And I also love how comfortable it feels, I could almost compare it with a recliner. Though the last one is a bit larger and (obviously) laying on it feels better, this Coaster mini accent chair remains a great choice that would also refresh the room. So it is something to consider 😉


My Final Verdict

When you have a smaller living room, choosing the right furniture pieces can be quite tricky. But when it comes to chairs, I really suggest you to choose one of these 3 types: folding stools, small armchairs or mini accent chairs.

Coolest 12 Living Room Chairs For Small SpacesEven though folding chairs may seem a bit unsuitable for a living room, there are a lot of modern patterns that would make it look perfectly there.

Smaller armchairs are an extremely comfortable solution, but they may be a bit more expensive and there won’t be enough room for several pieces. But one or two would definitely rock in your living room.

And last but not least, accent chairs are a necessity in many living rooms, so how about using a smaller one both as a focal point and as a seating?


These are my favorite 12 living room chairs for small spaces and they are all some pieces that could be used not only in this kind of room, but also in many other.

So all I can hope is that you enjoyed reading this post and that you now have an idea about what kind of furniture you should choose for your small living room.

Which of these 12 chairs is your favorite? Anne 😀

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6 Responses

  1. Karlo says:

    wow, very interesting site about living room chairs for small spaces. I am interested in buying a sofa for my living room, I have orange walls. Can you suggest me what kind of sofa would be the perfect fit for my living room? Also what color would fit ?Thank you so much.

    • Anne says:

      Hi Karlo, I’m glad you liked it 🙂

      To recommend you a certain sofa I would need a few more details. Like, what kind of orange are your walls? Light orange, brighter orange? This matters a lot, as if it’s a brighter shade then it’s important to choose a softer color for the sofa. In my post Best 5 Living Room Colors there are some more details, because orange is one of the colors that I wrote about there.

      I would also like to know how is your living room, small, spacious, tall, narrow? It’s important to pay attention to these aspects if you want to choose a sofa that would fit your room 100%.

      Besides, what would be your budget? I can’t really recommend you any furniture piece without having an idea about how much you would like to spend on it.

      Please let me know these things and I will be able to give you a much better answer then. 🙂

  2. John says:


    Your selections of chairs for small spaces is be a great help for people like me, who are looking to purchase a tiny house or want to have a seating area in a master suite. Your ideas on the folding chairs for a living space create sitting spots that do not have to take up space when not needed.

    My favorite sitting chair in my living room is my leather recliner, I would be more inclined to get one of this type of smaller chair.


    • Anne says:

      Hey John, thank you for your words. It’s always a pleasure to be of help 🙂

      Leather recliners are the favorites of many people, for their great comfort and affordable price. They may be larger than folding chairs, for example, but there are enough recliners of smaller dimensions. So you can find one suitable for your smaller room.

      Thanks for reading my post.

  3. Ines says:

    I love the first low light gray chair. Do you know where can I get something similar?

    Thank You.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Ines, I don’t remember the exact brand of that chair, but I researched a bit and found a few that have similar features.

      These kind of chairs are called chair beds, so if you want one of the same color and the chair from the picture, I recommend you this one. It doesn’t have those wooden legs, but it can be converted into a small bed instead 😀

      If color doesn’t matter that much, from the ones I tried I can recommend you DHP’s chair or the one from Vivon, which many of my clients really loved.

      So these are pretty much the similar bed chairs I tried and that I was pretty satisfied with. But I’ll look in some of my older files to see other similar furniture pieces that I tried. So if you don’t like any of these, let me know and I’ll try to give you other suggestions.

      Hope this helps 😀

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