10 Pros & Cons Of Corner Furniture For Bedroom


A few days ago, I was looking for some new furniture ideas for one of my client’s bedroom, because he wanted something really original and uncommon. That’s how I came across a beautiful set described as “corner furniture for bedroom”.

So it was specially designed for bedrooms, and it was made to be placed in the corner…Hmm…

At first sight, it seemed exactly what my client wanted, but I couldn’t buy something I knew nothing about. At least, not in this job.

What’s so special about corner furniture? Is it better than regular furniture or it’s just a way to make us pay some extra money? These were all questions that I had in my mind. And after studying corner furniture for a few days, I got a much better idea about it.

Just like any other kind of furniture, it as both advantages and drawbacks. And that’s exactly what I want to talk about in this post, the pros and cons of corner furniture for bedrooms. You’ll see that not everything is perfect about this kind of furniture, but it does have some really nice things to offer.

So if you want to find out more, keep reading the following lines. 🙂




1. It Makes The Bedroom Look Larger

If your bedroom has pretty small dimensions and you’re trying to solve the space problem, getting corner furniture might be the perfect solution for your room.

Hiding one corner of the room would actually give the impression of more space, so your bedroom would look much more spacious than it actually is.

This is actually just an illusion, but there are a lot of other types of furniture successfully used for this purpose. And guess what? They manage to change the whole appearance of the room.

So even though when you think about it, you would probably say that adding furniture at the corners would make the room smaller, it’s quite the opposite in reality. Therefore, this kind of furniture could sometimes make miracles in a bedroom that lacks space.


2. The Walls Aren’t Visible Anymore

For those of you who don’t like to keep the walls clean or have a hard time finding the right decorations…that’s a great news, right?

Although it’s actually pretty simple, corner furniture is usually taller than regular one, so there are few chances that you find a set that doesn’t cover the walls very much. But that’s an advantage in my opinion, because have the walls hidden behind some furniture pieces could simplify things a lot.

You won’t have to buy any decorations or paintings to keep the walls interesting, you won’t have to clean them up regularly, you won’t have to care too much about them actually. And unless you’re a Bohemian fan, this should normally sound good to you.

I may sound a bit lazy (:P) but personally, having the walls covered would get me rid of a lot of work. So for me, that feature of corner furniture is an advantage.


3. It Can Be Moved In Another Corner Easily

The great thing about buying corner furniture is that you can actually place it in any corner of the room. 

Let’s say you order a corner furniture set for your bedroom, whose dimensions are 10′ x 12′. The company makes the furniture so that it fits the corners of your room perfectly, that’s why you needed the dimensions for. 

Anyway, the thing is that your furniture will fit any of those 4 corners of your bedroom. Many people think that if you buy corner furniture, it will only fit one corner, but this doesn’t make any sense. The corners of your bedroom are all equal, so what fits one of them will fit the others too.

So this kind of furniture can be moved in any part of your room and it will still look as good as initially.


4. You Have Easier Access To It

In my opinion, the corners are some of the most accessible part of the room, do you agree?

So you can imagine that having the wardrobe right in the corner would make it easier to reach than if it was in other part. I once lived in an apartment that was extremely narrow, and as I lived with 3 other flatmates, space was definitely our #1 enemy.

We even decided to place 2 wardrobes one above the other because there was absolutely no way we could have access to our clothes otherwise.

I didn’t know too much about home decor back then, but if I knew, I would have definitely added each wardrobe in one corner because that would have simplified things a lot.

So having your furniture (especially your wardrobe) in the corner would make things much easier in a small bedroom.


5. It Will Look So Original

Although these things that I’m telling you sound really good, corner furniture isn’t one of the most popular trends right now.

This may not be the best thing, but it’s not the worst one either. Do you know why?

Because if corner furniture isn’t very popular, your bedroom will look extremely unique and full of creativity. Your guests will be impressed by your idea of placing the furniture in the corner of the room, and they will definitely see it as very original.

I like original things and having unique decors, so if you’re similar to me, you will see this as an advantage. If that’s not the case, don’t worry, your decor won’t look too uncommon for a regular home, it will only look unique. 😉




1. It’s Not The Most Comfortable Furniture

One of the main drawbacks I found in corner furniture is related to comfort. What does it mean that a furniture set is comfortable or now?

Well, I’m talking about how easy it is to use it. Even if you have immediate access to it, being placed in the corner of the room makes it harder to open the doors widely.

Let me try to put it better. It’s not impossible to open the doors widely, but once you do this, you won’t be able to open the nearby shelves or the other small doors from the left or right. 

Now, if we were talking about regular furniture, that wouldn’t be very hard to do. But as this one is placed right in the corner, the piece that will be there will make it hard to have access to the others. I hope I explained it better now… 😛

So when it comes to comfort, corner furniture isn’t number one.


2. The Bedroom’s Dimensions Are Vital

As this furniture is made to cover the corner of the room, it’s really important to know the exact dimensions of your bedroom before ordering the set.

Imagine how would be to get a set that is too large to fit perfectly in the corner of the room. Very frustrating, right?

Unfortunately, many people aren’t aware of this thing when they get corner furniture, so either they are really lucky and they choose a set that fits their room perfectly, or in 80% of cases they get one with the wrong dimensions.

So if you decide on corner furniture, keep in mind that you have to know the dimensions of your bedroom more than anything else.


3. It’s Not That Easy To Order A Set

This is actually a consequence of the previous point: you can’t buy the first set you see in the shop just because it looks good. If you do this, you have very high chances that it doesn’t fit in your bedroom.

The dimensions of your bedroom are essential, and if you don’t know them, there’s no point choosing a set because believe me, it will probably not fit in.

For many people (including me), that’s a really big drawback because you have to do a lot of work before actually buying a set: you have to measure your bedroom, send the dimensions to the company that makes the set, choose the color and the fabric, then wait for a few weeks (or months :P).

Only afterwards you will receive your furniture set, which isn’t that nice, is it?


4. You Don’t Have Much Space Left For Wall Decorations

Although I personally love that it covers the walls, many people may not like corner furniture because it doesn’t leave too much space for painting and other wall decorations.

As it hides the walls completely in some cases, you don’t have where to put any other decorative items. On that wall, I mean.

Because if we think about it better, the furniture will only cover one part of the bedroom, so the other one will be completely free. This means that the other walls will be in sight, so you can decorate them with anything you want.

The lack of decorative space on the wall wouldn’t be a problem for me, but I do know some people who couldn’t live without a lot of stuff on their walls. So if you’re one of them, you should really consider this aspect before deciding on corner furniture.


5. It’s Not The Best Choice For A Large Family

Do you remember I mentioned that it wasn’t the most comfortable furniture set? Well, for a large family, it definitely wouldn’t be so at all. 

As it makes it pretty hard to open some shelves or wardrobe doors, having a corner furniture set in a bedroom where several persons sleep would be pretty frustrating.

Just imagine, someone opens the wardrobe placed right in the corner… someone else want to open the smaller door next to it but he can’t do it, because of the doors that are already opened.

I would feel really angry to be in this situation, so I wouldn’t really recommend a corner furniture set in a bedroom where several persons live. It would make you really frustrated, believe me. 😉


Conclusion – So Are Cornet Furniture Sets Worth Considering?

Oh yes, they are definitely worth considering. 😀

Even though there are some things I don’t like about it, such as the lack of comfort or the pretty narrow range to choose from, they also have enough advantages. 

I love that they cover the walls completely and they make any bedroom look larger, plus that they make any room really original.

So after showing you the main pros and cons of corner furniture for bedroom, I’ll let you judge by yourself if it is what you need.

I decided to try this kind of furniture in my client’s bedroom, and after talking and explaining him what it was about, he was really excited and eager to try it. I haven’t finished decorating his bedroom yet, but until now my general opinion about corner furniture is pretty good. 🙂


So tell me, would you buy a corner furniture set for your bedroom? Or you would choose another kind of furniture?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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