How To Furnish Your Backyard In 7 Simple Steps

  As I’ve been focusing on furniture in the last weeks, I realized I pretty much neglected the outdoor topics. So in this post I want to make it up to the ones of you that are interested in garden decor. For this reason, today I want to show you 7 steps … Continue reading

The Best 3 Patio Furniture Sets Under $500 That I Tried

The Best 3 Patio Furniture Sets Under $500 That I Tried - My Recommendations For A Properly Furnished Patio

  Hey guys, today we’re getting back to outdoor decors, so the topic I chose for this post are the best patio furniture sets under $500 (at least in my opinion :P). I can pretty much guarantee for the pieces I will show you below, because they proved to be … Continue reading

Top 9 Outdoor Furniture Trends For 2016

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