My Review: Daybed With Trundle By Poundex – The Best Daybed In The World?


In this post I want to review the Daybed With Trundle By Poundex, because at first sight it seems one of the best options available when it comes to daybeds.

It has one of the smallest prices on the market and impressive quality for this money. But if we dig into the product, will it keep this great appearance? Or it’s just too good to be true?


So Let’s Get To The Review

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?Product name: Daybed with Trundle in Espresso Faux Leather

Producer:  Poundex

Price:  $342.54 (At the time I published this article)

Cheapest place to buy:  AMAZON

My rating: 9.60 /10

Worth buying?: Definitely


In A Nutshell

To tell you my opinion in just a few words, I’m really satisfied about this daybed. Considering that it has such a small price for an item of this kind, I would have expected at most a medium quality. But it managed to surprise me once again.

It feels really comfortable and solid, so I can’t criticize anything about it at this point. It’s true that it’s not absolutely perfect (what item is?), but I’m pretty much happy about buying it. 


What I Liked About It

  • It’s not just a daybed, as it can also be used for sleeping when you have guests and you need an extra bed. So from this point of view, it’s really practical
  • Mine is really comfortable because I chose a really good mattress. But this isn’t included in the package, so you have to get one yourself
  • I’m really satisfied with the quality, considering that it didn’t cost too much
  • The assembly wasn’t very complicated and the instructions were okay. I think in my case there was only about an hour necessary
  • I really love the fabric, faux leather is actually one of my favorite materials for sofas and stuff. And the faux leather used in this daybed looks great and it doesn’t scratch too easily, so I only have praises about it
  • It’s more solid than other daybeds I’ve seen, you can notice this just by touching it
  • When it comes to price, I’m 100% satisfied. You can’t really find another similar daybed for this price, as they all cost at least $500. And most have a pretty bad quality. So I’m so happy or finding an affordable daybed with a high quality
  • The shipping is free in the US


What I Didn’t Like About It

  • The thing that I dislike most about this daybed is that the trundle doesn’t lift up, it can only open but it doesn’t come up. So you need a twin mattress (which is a double one), in order to have the same height all over the daybed
  • As I said before, you need your own mattress because it’s not included in the price
  • The daybed should be placed against the wall, otherwise it doesn’t feels as sturdy
  • Regarding the assembly, it’s not impossible to do it alone, but it’s much easier if there are 2 people
  • The daybed is a bit too tall in my opinion. If you choose a 12 inch mattress, it will feel really uncomfortable and you’ll have the impression you’re sitting so high. For this reason, I recommend you to get a lower mattress


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These being said…let’s move to the review

This Poundex daybed is one of the best furniture pieces of this type, thanks to its good looks and pretty high quality, which was quite surprising for me, considering the low price this item has.

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?So at first sight, if you look at the great quality and the very small price, it seems like a product that you shouldn’t miss, right? Well, it’s not really so.

I found enough downsides in this daybed, and I mentioned most of them right above. So it’s not all perfect about this product, you should know this from the start. But it has enough features you’ll love.

And if I were to compare the advantages and the downsides, I would say it’s an item worth buying. 🙂

But before taking any decision, I want to give you more details about this Poundex daybed and show you some tips you can use in case you buy it.


Pretty Sturdy And Durable For Just $340

The first thing I noticed after having this daybed assembled was that it felt really solid. And honestly now, what do you expect from an item that seems a bargain, judging after the price?

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?You definitely don’t expect it to be too solid, believe me. I say this from my own experience.

However, this Poundex daybed is pretty different from all the other pieces I’ve tried throughout the years. It doesn’t wobble when I touch it, and that alone is already an achievement. 😀

Joking apart, I guess it feels so sturdy because of the wooden and metal fabric it has inside. Otherwise, I can’t really imagine what other fabric would make it feel that heavy (if I haven’t mentioned that, it’s also pretty heavy so don’t plan to move it around too often because it won’t be very easy).

When it comes to durability, mine lasted several years in very good conditions, and by this I mean that the fabric didn’t fall apart, the trundle opened normally and the daybed itself looked pretty similar to the one from the beginning.

So when it comes to this, I have to say I’m impressed. If I didn’t know its real price, judging after its features and how it looks, I wouldn’t say it cost just $340.

I would probably say it was around $700, as regular daybeds cost about $550-$600 and most have an average quality. So this is a compliment for the producer.


The Faux Leather Feels So Nice

I told you before, I have a weakness for faux leather (not only in decoration, but also in clothes and shoes…especially boots :P).

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?So you can imagine how thrilled I was after seeing that this daybed has faux leather as a primal fabric.

And it’s not just my own impression that it looks good on it.

Several persons told me they love the fabric because it feels really nice and soft (it’s faux leather after all, so don’t expect it to be as soft as the fur). I like it more because of how it looks, but I can’t deny it feels really nice when touched.

So when it comes to the fabric, I really love this daybed. In fact, I don’t think they could have chosen a more suitable material for it, so I’ll let you draw the conclusions. 🙂


How To Transform It Into A Real Bed

What do I want from a daybed? To feel so comfortable and relaxing as a regular bed. That’s what I personally want from daybeds.

But one of the features that I recommend this daybed for is that it can also be used as a regular bed. That’s what the trundle is for. Yeah, you can also use it for storage instead, but that’s another story.

Anyway, let me show you how can you transform it into a normal bed.

The problem with the trundle is that it can’t be lifted up. In other words, you can open it widely but you can’t lift it up. So there will be a huge difference between the top of the daybed and the trundle.

But there’s something you can do about it. I told you before that this daybed doesn’t come with a mattress, so you have to buy one yourself. Well, as the daybed is pretty tall, I suggest you to buy a 6 inches mattress for the top. Yes, just for the top.

And for the bottom, the trundle part…get a twin mattress. It’s pretty simple: getting a twin mattress will bring the bottom part at the same level as the top one. So you’ll get a normal bed in this way.

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?

As you can see, it’s so easy to make this daybed a regular bed for your guests. Just open the trundle and add a twin mattress inside, and you’ll have an extra place for sleeping.

I’ve used it as a guest bed many times, and no one ever complained about its comfort. So I guess everything is fine about it. And when it comes to saving space, this thing really helped me. 🙂


The Price Remains The Best I Found In Daybeds

If I had to make a top based on the price/quality ratio, this Poudex daybed would certainly be on the first place.

I know I said it before, but I really have to repeat it: judging after the really low price, I wouldn’t have expected to find such a high quality product in this daybed. You know, cheaper items tend to have a lower quality, so that’s what I thought before buying this daybed.

I was prepared for a product that won’t last too much, and I was already thinking that in about a year I will probably have to buy another one. But I was really wrong, and I’m glad to say it. 😀

So in comparison to other daybeds, this Poundex furniture piece is extremely cheap. $340 is a price that you don’t see too often in daybeds, and this is actually the full price (I mean there isn’t any sale right now).

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?

But the good thing about this daybed isn’t necessarily the price, it is the high-quality. I don’t think this price would seem so low if the product was a pure garbage. Do you agree? If it got damaged after just a month or it started falling apart after less than 6 months. Would the price seem so good then? I bet it wouldn’t…

So the great quality offered for a very small price, that’s definitely the biggest advantage of this daybed.

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My Final Verdict – So Is It Too Good To Be True?

I asked this question at the beginning of my review: if it has such a great quality for such a low price, is it too good to be true?

Well, it depends…

If we talk about it exclusively as a daybed, then it is almost too good to be true. It’s soft, comfortable, good-looking and it has a long quality and a great price.

It’s true that it needs to be placed against the wall to stay sturdy and it’s a bit too tall for my own taste, but these downsides are so insignificant that I wouldn’t consider them too much.

However, as a regular bed it’s not so amazing. The fact that the trundle doesn’t lift up makes it absolutely necessary to add a twin mattress, which isn’t the easiest thing for everyone (I’m talking about price).

But I bought it and review it as a daybed, so when it comes to this, I don’t have too much to criticize about it. There’s no point comparing it with other daybeds once again, because I’ve already showed why and how superior it is, from many points of view.

So if you’re thinking about buying a daybed, I can absolutely recommend you this one. In fact, I think it’s the best daybed you could choose, from many products. But you can decide this by yourself 🙂


Now tell me, what do you think about this Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex? Would you buy it? Or you would choose another daybed?

Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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6 Responses to My Review: Daybed With Trundle By Poundex – The Best Daybed In The World?

  1. Paul says:

    I like the look of this daybed, it’s not like others I’ve ever seen before. The price is reasonable too. The only part that concerns me some is the sturdiness. You mentioned that it is best to have up against a wall. Is it unusable if it isn’t on a wall? Other than that the price and look of it is great.
    BTW… Your review is AWESOME!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Paul, thanks for your words, I’m glad you enjoyed reading it 🙂

      Yes, this daybed feels much sturdier when it’s place near a wall because it can lean on it. There’s basically no difference in how solid it stays either it’s near a wall or not, but there’s a difference in how we feel it. That’s what I noticed.

      So it’s not usable near a wall, by any means. It just feels sturdier near a wall, but if you can’t place it near one, it’s totally fine, you will still be able to use it well enough.

      Hope this helps 🙂

  2. Fairweather Green says:

    Looks like a handy daybed to have to accommodate extra guests. We were looking for a sofa bed type but they seemed too complicated and therefore looked like the moving parts may break.

    This daybed looks like a simple but classy design. Do you know the dimensions for the mattress to be a good fit?

    • Anne says:

      Hey there, I’m glad my review helped you 🙂

      This daybed really helped me when I had guests and didn’t have enough space for them, especially because it can be opened and closed back. I never thought that these kind of furniture pieces could be too complicated, but that’s just how I see things 😉

      I don’t remember the exact dimensions of a good mattress for this daybed (I don’t have it anymore, I had it some time before) but from what I know, the best mattress for it would be a 6 inches one (for the top). And for the bottom, a twin one would be the best, so around 12 inches. That’s how mines were, and they fit in there perfectly.

      I hope this helps.

  3. Tugarcia says:

    Thanks for the review. This is a great looking daybed. The price isn’t bad either. It would go well with many decors. I appreciate the likes and dislikes you mention. I see that the mattress is not included. That can allow you to customize the daybed even more by getting a mattress that will suit you needs. It has a very clean appearance and looks really comfortable. Definitely something to consider. Thanks again.

    • Anne says:

      Hey Tugarcia, thanks for letting me know your opinion.

      Yes, these kind of furniture pieces usually don’t come with the mattress, especially for this reason. They want to let you choose the one you want, otherwise you can imagine that a lot of people would complain about the mattress and the general quality of the daybed would get lower.

      Anyway, I’m glad you liked this furniture piece, and thank you for reading my review :

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