How To Light A Garden – 6 Contemporary Garden Lighting Ideas

  I want to end The Lights Month with a post about something that many of you asked me about: how to light a garden correctly. That’s not a very easy thing to do, that’s why I decided to write an entire article about this topic, which I will simply call “6 … Continue reading

My Review: Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2

  A few weeks ago I received a message from one of my readers, in which he asked me if I had tried the Spiral 3 Light Chandelier by ET2. He told me he wanted to buy this gorgeous piece, but as it doesn’t have a really insignificant price, he wanted to … Continue reading

8 Rustic Kitchen Lighting Ideas & Tips

  Rustic style will always look attractive in any part of the house. But in my opinion, from all the rooms, the kitchen is the one that fits this style best of all. It is never easy to light a Rustic room, because there are many things to consider and … Continue reading

Review: Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire

  One of my clients asked me a few days ago to recommend him an affordable lighting piece for his small daughter’s bedroom. The product I advised him to get was the Tadpoles Three Bulb Chandelier, Pink Sapphire, which is probably one of the best pieces he could get in this case. … Continue reading

How To Light A Balcony – 3 Original Suggestions

  You dream about spending your summer evenings on a balcony, relaxing and watching people come and go? Well, I’m sure that your balcony’s lighting would be the last thing you worry about, am I right? Lighting is definitely not one of the most important elements of a balcony, especially because … Continue reading

REVIEW: Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic

  Guys, in this post I want to present you the Gifts & Decor Ivory Baroque Candle Chandelier, Iron and Acrylic, one of the pieces I recommend you to check out when looking for an original but still affordable decoration for your home. What did I find so special about this … Continue reading

How To Light A Bedroom Correctly In 5 Steps

How To Light A Bedroom Correctly In 5 Steps

  I’ve always considered the bedroom as “the heart of any home” and no matter whose house I decorated, I would always try to make it look as such. By far, one of the hardest steps in decorating a bedroom is lighting. Though it doesn’t sound that important, lighting plays a … Continue reading

Review: Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, Black

  One of my blog’s readers asked me a few days ago if I had tried the Mainstays Shelf Floor Lamp with Off White Shade, Black because he wanted to get this item and didn’t know anyone’s opinion about it. Although I haven’t used it myself, I took a close look through the … Continue reading