My GoPlus Patio Furniture Review – Or How I Got Amazed By A Cheap Set

My GoPlus Furniture Review

  It’s time for my GoPlus Patio Furniture review, one of the latest patio sets that I got my hands on.  The set itself does have all it needs – comfort, good looks, sturdiness and a contemporary feel, thanks to the rattan fabric. But what about its really low price? $170 … Continue reading

My Personal Comfort Bed Reviews – The Best Mattresses In The World?

My Personal Comfort Bed Reviews - The Best Mattresses In The World?

  It’s time for my Personal Comfort Bed reviews, because their mattresses are probably the best ones I’ve tried in my life. And I’ve tried a lot, considering my job. If you want to experience the 5 stars sleep, there are no mattresses that does it better than Personal Comfort.  … Continue reading

My Sleep Number Bed Reviews – 9 Reasons Why It’s Not Worth Buying

My Sleep Number Bed Reviews - 9 Reasons Why It's Not Worth Buying

  It’s time for my Sleep Number Bed Review, as these mattresses are starting to become the most popular on the market. However, after testing several of their models, I realized I had much better options. They are indeed some very good mattresses, but I could have got almost the … Continue reading

My Review: Daybed With Trundle By Poundex – The Best Daybed In The World?

My Review: Daybed With Trundle In Espresso Faux Leather By Poundex - Too Good To Be True?

  In this post I want to review the Daybed With Trundle By Poundex, because at first sight it seems one of the best options available when it comes to daybeds. It has one of the smallest prices on the market and impressive quality for this money. But if we dig … Continue reading

My Review: Zinus Platform Bed – Too Good To Be True? Not At All

  It’s time for my Zinus bed reviews, a furniture piece that really caught my eye for a very long time. I finally had the chance to test it myself.  The bed comes in a fairly cheap price, considering the good quality it has. The frame is really sturdy, the … Continue reading

Corner Vanities In Small Bathrooms – Are They A Solution To This Eternal Problem?

  Hey everyone! In this post I want to talk about one of the most frequent problems I came across in my career as an Interior Designer – small bathrooms. I know I discussed this subject a lot of times, as it’s really hard to furnish your bathroom properly when … Continue reading

Review: Coaster Home Furnishings Dining Table w/Lazy Susan & Chair Set – The Coolest Round Dining Table With Lazy Susan I’ve Seen

  Hi guys! In the last months I’ve been desperately searching for a round dining table with lazy susan, you probably know that. 😛 So why did I buy this one? Because of the decent reviews I found online, I admit. However, they proved to be right, as I got … Continue reading

8 Reasons Why I Love White Furniture Pieces

8 Reasons Why I Love White Furniture Pieces

  Hey guys! A few days ago some of my readers asked me which was my favorite color when it comes to furniture and what kind of items I choose when someone lets me decorate their home however I want. Well, as I couldn’t explain this in just a few … Continue reading

Review: Fashion Bed Group’s Casey Daybed With Trundle – The #1 White Daybed With Trundle

  Today it’s time to review the Fashion Bed Group’s Casey Daybed With Trundle, Soft White because it’s a piece that can anytime replace a regular bed. Though it’s a bit large for a very small room, this daybed can help you more than you think – if unexpected guests come around or … Continue reading

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable Enough To Be Guest Beds?

  You surely heard about trundle daybeds for adults. They are the regular daybeds you see in shops, but they have the dimensions of normal daybeds, not of kids daybeds. So my point is, can you use these daybeds for your guests that spend a night in your home? Can … Continue reading