Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable Enough To Be Guest Beds?


You surely heard about trundle daybeds for adults. They are the regular daybeds you see in shops, but they have the dimensions of normal daybeds, not of kids daybeds.

So my point is, can you use these daybeds for your guests that spend a night in your home? Can they replace regular beds? Or they’re not comfortable enough to sleep on them for a whole night?

These are all questions that I want to answer within this post. So if you want to find out if daybeds can make a real bed…well, stay tuned! 😀


1. Trundle Daybeds Are Much Better Than No-Trundle Ones

As an interior designer, in the last 5 years I worked with a lot of furniture pieces, and daybeds started getting popular in this period. So you can imagine that I saw a lot of them, in a lot of different patterns and colors.

Are Trundle Daybeds For Adults Comfortable Enough To Be Guest Beds?And the conclusion I drew was very simple – trundle daybeds are 10 times better than the ones without a trundle.

Just think about it: the trundle is usually at least half as wide as the daybed. This means double space. And for me, double space makes a big difference…

It’s true that daybeds without a trundle are usually a bit wider, but that’s only to compensate for the trundle that doesn’t exist. Because overall, trundle daybeds will always be wider than no-trundle ones.

And let’s face it, dimensions play a huge part in comfort. It’s not the same to sleep in a single bed or in a double one, is it? It’s exactly the same when it comes to daybeds.

So if you ever want to use a daybed for your guest room…always get a trundle one. The difference in comfort will be visible, trust me. 😉


2. Not All Of Them Are As Solid As Regular Beds

I admit it, many daybeds are a waste of money because they don’t even feel like a daybed. Many are very light and harsh, so when you sit on them you get the feeling that you’re sitting on anything else but a daybed…

The explanation is that companies from these days no longer follow the same rules when producing daybeds and regular beds.

For example, they use wood that has a superior quality for normal beds (because they have to last at least 5 years) and they use much lighter fabrics for daybeds.

Just think about it, if you bought a daybed and it got broken after 6 months, would it be such a big tragedy? Not really…You would blame the company or the producers and…that’s it. But what if your regular bed got broken after 6 months? Believe me, this would really be a tragedy.

So that’s the reason why daybeds are usually lighter and have a lower quality than normal beds.

However, things are by no means so bad.

I recently reviewed a great daybed, which seemed too good to be true. And when it comes to this furniture piece, I can guarantee that it would replace a regular bed easily. It has everything a normal bed needs, after all.

So there are certain daybeds that are solid enough to be used as a guest bed. You just have to know what you choose, and to choose the right ones.


3. The Mattress Does Matter

Even though it’s probably something that no one thinks about, the mattress you choose in any bed makes a big difference when it comes to comfort.

In daybeds it’s even more important, actually.

There are 2 types of trundle daybeds: some that have a lifting trundle and some that have a fixed trundle.

As you probably guessed, the first ones are way better because once you lift up the trundle, it reaches the normal level of the bed. So it’s really simple in this case.

However, most daybeds don’t have a lifting trundle, which means that you will have to add a double mattress on it. For example, if get a 6 inch mattress for your daybed, you will have to get a 12 inch one for the trundle. In this way, they will have the same height so everything will feel normal.

So if you have a daybed with a fixed trundle, you now know what to do. And don’t worry, many shops will offer you a discount in mattresses when you buy a daybed, so they will also help you choose the right one.

The last thing I want to say here is that the quality of a mattress is also important when it comes to comfort. And from what I’ve seen, the more expensive a mattress is, the more comfortable it is. That’s available in 85% of cases.

So if you get a daybed for your guest room, try not to buy a cheap mattress because it won’t feel as good as it should. That’s my advice…:)


4. You Save A Lot Of Money With Daybeds

As they are not considered regular beds, daybeds are usually much cheaper than normal beds.

For example, you can find most between $300-$400 (here I mean quality daybeds, not some that last 3 months). So most are real bargains, considering that normal beds can cost even 3 times more.

Just imagine how much money you can save by getting a daybed in your guest room instead of a regular bed. Instead of paying over $1000, you’ll pay around $500, mattress included. So I say this is a really nice deal.

Another good news is that you can find daybeds around this price everywhere, both online and offline. It’s true that in real shops they are a bit more expensive than online, but if you’re that kind of person that prefers to see with his own eyes, I guess offline works just as well.

So if you didn’t know about this aspect, keep in mind that there is a pretty significant amount of money you could save with a daybed. Whether it’s a good choice for you or not, you know better. 🙂


My Final Verdict – So Can Daybeds Replace Regular Beds For Guests?

They may not be the best looking or the largest, but when it comes to the beds for your guests, I really think that a daybed can successfully replace them.

If you choose the right daybed and the right mattress, comfort will most likely not be one of your problems. And considering that it’s a guest bed and that your guests won’t be sleeping in it for a long time, I say it can replace a regular bed.

Now let me know your opinion. Would you get a trundle daybed for adults in your guest room? Or you would prefer to spend more on a regular bed? I’m very curious to hear what you think.


Let me know your answer in a comment. Anne 😀


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