6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your Bedroom


Do you want to make your home unique in color and appearance? Are you having a hard time figuring out how to do this? Well, how about adding some really nice Bohemian window curtains in your bedroom?

You may not believe it, but curtains are a very simple way to change the appearance of a room. That’s because curtains influence the aspect of the entire room, not just of a part of it.


If you’re a fan of extravagant decorations, this kind of curtains are definitely right what you’re looking for.

There’s no surprise that beaded curtains are a very popular item among Bohemian decorated homes, as they bring in the passion and exotic air of Eastern cultures, that used beaded curtains to spread a positive energy all over the place.

6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your Bedroom

It may seem hard to believe, but this thing is available even know, as many people claim that beaded curtains have a great effect on their state of mind, helping them stay positive and deal with everyday stress.

So there must be something about these beaded curtains that makes them so popular and joyful.


In a home decorated in a Bohemian style, there are usually no rules to follow, so you can go for any kind of fabrics and patterns.

6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your BedroomHowever, I like to make sure that there is a mixture of colors and materials, because that’s what Bohemian really means.

For this reason, try to avoid choosing very similar shades and patterns for your items, and add different varieties.

And that’s where beaded curtains come in, as they are a very original and attractive element, that could make a difference between a well decorated Bohemian room and an overcrowded one.


6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your BedroomAs they are such a popular item in Bohemian style, I advise you to add different types of beaded curtains, in as many colors you can.

For example, you can go for blue, beaded curtains in the bedroom and add some yellow ones in the living room, with a different pattern than the first ones.

Also, you don’t have to limit to the windows.

Bohemian style is know for its originality, so be as innovative as you can. Add beaded curtains on a wall, on a window door or hang them above your bed.

Once again, try to be creative and original, but don’t exaggerate: make sure you’re not filling up your room only with these items.

In this way, you’ll manage to create a gorgeous, extravagant decor, that would lead to a warm, comfortable atmosphere.




When you say Bohemian, many people think about Gypsy style. And that’s not a bad thing, as this is one of the most popular categories of the main Bohemian style, a category that more and more people are interested in.

For those of you who don’t really know too much about Gypsy curtains, they are actually some very creative items, made of thick, pretty harsh materials, and decorated in many different colors and patterns.

6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your Bedroom

In fact, that’s exactly what makes the so original, the multitude of strong, different shades and their ability to look good when combined.


Right now you’re probably asking yourself “What exactly makes the Bohemian Gypsy so unique?”.

Well, the answer is quite simple: the mixture of color, the variety of patterns and models, and the wide range of options, all combined together manage to make this style more and more attractive every year.

And the easiest way to bring this unique style in your home is through the curtains you choose.

Gypsy curtains have a personal charm that could change the appearance of the entire room, so if you need a really quick solution to make your home look catchy and original, check out some Gypsy curtains.


 bohemian_window_curtainsUnlike the beaded curtains, that are much lighter and can be used much more frequently, Gypsy curtains tend to draw the attention on them immediately.

The bright colors, the huge difference between the shades and the thick fabrics, all put together, make Gypsy curtains a very strong element, which can immediately make your room unique. But that’s available only if you don’t exaggerate with this item.

This means that you shouldn’t use too much stuff with a Gypsy print, besides the curtains. This would overcrowd the room and make it look too tiresome, even if it’s a Bohemian decorated room.

Simply add some Gypsy curtains to the windows and try to stop there, without adding this pattern anywhere else in the room. Once you do this, your Bohemian decor’s success is almost guaranteed.




Even though they’re not one of the most popular Bohemian ideas for curtains, feather curtains are definitely coming along year by year.

And there’s no surprise for this, as Bohemian style tends to bring in every new element, especially if it’s quite extravagant and creative.


If you ask me, I believe in a few years we’ll be talking about feather curtains as a basic element of the Bohemian style.

That’s why, if you want to stay in fashion and you’re wondering what’s new, you should know that feather curtains are for sure some of the Bohemian trends for the future.

They have everything for this: original, exotic design, affordable price and a wide range of options when it comes to utilization, so they are very likely to become a normality in Bohemian homes in the following years.


In this case, I have a lot of good news.

Depending on the exact pattern and fabric you choose, feather curtains can be excellent not just for the windows, but also as an inside decoration.

You could simply add a curtain made of feathers on your living room wall, just behind the sofa, to get an amazing decor.

Or you could also use it in front of your bedroom door, in order to make it look like a place from The Jungle Book.

There are thousands of possibilities with feather curtains, and all of them can look incredible. If you love feathers, you can also use them in wall decorations like dream catchers, which are so specific to Bohemian style.

It’s all about inspiration and creativity, so there are no chances to do anything wrong in your Bohemian room if you use feather curtains.




It’s true that Hippie can be considered a Interior Design style alone, but in this case, Hippie curtains can make the best of a Bohemian decor.

How does a curtain have to be in order to be considered as a Hippie element?

Well, I would say that it should be pretty  similar to Gypsy curtains, but with milder and gentler colors. In other words, just like Gypsy curtains, the Hippie ones are made of a thick fabric and they have a lot of colors, but the difference is that these colors aren’t very bright and strong, but rather similar and lighter.

6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your Bedroom


From my experience I can tell you that I’ve come across many Bohemian lovers that were rather conservative and didn’t really like to go for strong, different materials and patterns.

Yeah, I know it sounds a bit weird, but not all Bohemian adepts are huge fans of hundreds of different colors and styles in one room, there are many that prefer gentler colors.

And that’s what Hippie curtains were made for.

So, if you’ve been dreaming about turning your home into a Bohemian residence but you don’t really feel like going for some strong elements like Gypsy curtains, try their softer version.

Hippie curtains would be the perfect choice for you.


When it comes to this, I have to say that it depends a lot of how your Hippie curtains look.

If they have very similar shades and they don’t look very bright, maybe you could use them as a decoration, besides the window treatment purpose that you’ll use them for.

However, my advice is to stop there, and add them exclusively on the windows, nothing more. It’s true that some Hippie curtains would make a great wall decoration, but it’s better to stick to the basics and choose another type of fabric as a wall decoration.

I say this because, if used too much, Hippie curtains can also make a room appear tiresome to the eye. That’s why, it’s better to prevent this and use them as a window treatment exclusively, as they work amazing there.




You’ve probably expected to see this type of curtains on this list, as they are known to be an exotic, original choice when it comes to fabrics. However, I admit that as a curtain material, they are indeed a bit unusual.

Animal print curtains aren’t the most popular choice in Bohemian rooms, at least when it comes to curtains. But they do manage to transform a home, and give it that unique, warm feeling that it so specific to Bohemian decors.



As they quite common even in common homes, animal prints can easily work as an accent point, which makes them more than perfect for a Bohemian decor.

Moreover, they’re actually a much more gentle choice in comparison to Gypsy or Beaded curtains, so you can use them as a curtain fabric even when you don’t want a very strong pattern.

Animal print curtains are actually great for a Bohemian room, as they are exotic and impressive, which are 2 golden features of this style.


6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your BedroomAnother good news about the animal print curtains is that you don’t have to use them just for the windows.

Imagine how your bedroom would look like if you used the animal prints as a main theme. The curtains would match the bed cover and the eventual rugs, creating an air that would make you feel like you’re in a safari.

Now tell me you wouldn’t love that…

Therefore, if you choose animal prints as a curtain material, remember that you can also use it in multiple ways, especially as a decoration. The room won’t seem too crowded, but rather thematic.




Last but not least, I may have left the most popular idea at the end, but this doesn’t make it less suitable, on the contrary.

I’m sure you’ve heard of flowery patterned curtains before, as they are by far the #1 element of Bohemian style. In these days, they’re actually widely used, and not just in Bohemian homes, but they do remain a classical piece of this style.

The flowery curtains used in Bohemian homes are indeed much brighter and colorful than the usual flowery curtains you have seen, but this makes them the perfect choice for a window treatment in rooms decorated in this style.


Because they’re one of the basics of Bohemian style.

Although nowadays Bohemian has developed a lot and brought in a lot of new elements, flowery patterns are a classic element of this style, and it doesn’t seem to be going away too soon.

It’s great to see a Bohemian decor that has a lot of innovative, original elements, as these play a huge part in the creative process, but I always recommend people to add at least one well-established elements, like the flowery pattern is.

And what’s the best place to use this flower pattern? The windows, of course. 😀


As it’s such a popular Bohemian feature, the flowery pattern can be used almost anywhere in the room, not just as a curtain material.

Of course that flowery curtains would immediately make the room look and feel exotic, but in order to increase this sensation, you can use these flowery curtains all over the room.

A great tip would be to change the colors and the patterns, which would make the room look even brighter and warmer.

So if you’re wondering what exactly you could do with some flowery curtains in a Bohemian home, the answer is…EVERYTHING!



Now that I’ve talked so much about each of these 6 types of Bohemian Window Curtains, I guess it’s time to give you some clear recommendations about what exactly you should choose, right?

Well, I won’t do this….

I won’t do this because I couldn’t choose a certain one, as each of these 6 types has it advantages and downsides, together with its own charm.

However, you can as well combine them, as we’re still talking about a Bohemian decor, which allows you to do anything. Beaded, Gypsy, Feather, Hippie, Animal Print or Flowery Curtains, they all have very high chances to look perfect in your Bohemian room, it’s all up to you which you want to choose.


I really hope you enjoyed reading my article and that these 6 ideas helped you get a better idea about what Bohemian curtains you should choose.

If you have any questions, please let me know in the comments below.


Meanwhile, tell me, which of these 6 is your favorite type of Bohemian curtains?

Write me your answer in a comment. Anne 😀

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4 Responses to 6 Hot Bohemian Window Curtains For Your Bedroom

  1. Joana says:

    Hi Anne,

    Wow such a great summary on what and how to use. I was familiar with flowers, and i used it a lot. I know a bit boring when you look at the choices. I do have animal print bed covers, so i guess i could try the curtains too…:)

    The feather trend looks really cool, i have never thought about using that pattern. So i think i need to sit down and really think about it.



    • Anne says:

      Hey Joana, thank you for your comment 🙂

      Yes, feather curtains are definitely an upcoming, that has started to become popular a few years ago. And I told you, from what I’ve seen, it will be one of the trends of the future. So feather curtains will be more than welcome in any Bohemian home. 😀

      I’m glad my article gave you some good ideas. Thanks for reading my blog.

  2. Ronald says:

    Hi Anne!

    Wow! Being a male, I have never really understood women obsession with curtains. LOL.

    I always tease my wife about how she carry on and on about the right curtains for different rooms. Your site has really opened my eyes to the value which curtains add to interior decor. Bohemian curtains are really unique and special.

    Interior home designers and housewives in general will really appreciate the article on your site.

    Great work!

    • Anne says:

      Hey Ronald.

      Haha, I’m really glad my article helped you clarify your view about curtains. At least a bit 😀

      Thank you for your words!

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